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The Dhahan Prize is presented by Canada India Education Society.

The Dhahan Prize celebrates the rich culture and transnational heritage of Punjabi literature. The prize aims to promote the growth of Punjabi language globally, as well as encourage new, emerging and established writers working in the two Punjabi scripts, Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi.

Modern Punjabi literature is transnational in scope and, at the same time, embedded in the rich cultural and literary traditions of Punjab. Punjabi literature expresses the unique cultural ethos of this global community, describing the social, cultural, and political lives of Punjabis in South Asia and around the world.

The Dhahan Prize seeks sponsors to enable us to offer the best events and activities. Each year, we seek partners to sponsor the prize gala and reading. The Dhahan Prize is committed to building mutually beneficial relationships with sponsors in order to best promote the Prize and the sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring the Dhahan Prize activities, please contact us for a sponsorship package.

For more information, please contact:
Carolyn Treger, Prize Manager


The Dhahan Prize is made possible through the generous support of friends, community organizations, corporate partners, and others who are committed to promoting and supporting Punjabi literature around the world. In addition to contributing to the annual prize. We are looking for people, preferably in the Vancouver, British Columbia area, who believe in our mission and would be interested in joining the team, both in practical ways and organizational. 

We are looking for donations to the Dhahan Prize to help support youth initiatives such as the Punjabi Short Story Contest for British Columbia high school students studying Punjabi, as well as the important work of translating the winning books into English so that they can be shared on a global scale. Through these activities the Dhahan Prize seeks to increase readership and inspire new Punjabi literary creations all around the world.

Please contact us if you are interested in discussing customized opportunities.