Dhahan Prize Ceremony 2017 - A Grand Success

Dhahan Prize Ceremony 2017 - A Grand Success

We have received numerous comments congratulating Dhahan Prize for hosting such an inclusive event to celebrate our 2017 winning authors, Mr. Pargat Singh Satoj, Nachhattar Singh Brar, and Mr. Ali Anwar Ahmad. The true purpose of the Prize remains, building bridges, enlarging our communities, fostering understanding and empathy for one another in this world that really is much smaller than we may think.

Annie Ohana, of LA Matheson Secondary School summed it up:

"From building avenues that allow international access to a language oppressed by higher powers, providing authors agency through their voice to help their languages breathe, allowing teachers and community members to advocate for policy changes, and new programs, and lastly the beauty of solidarity action to include but not be limited to...corporate sponsors, government, public education, community, and intercultural connections.

Change is never easy, and battling for the right of one's heritage and history through the power of word takes many soldiers.

In Indigenous traditions, witnessing is a very powerful experience and brings with it the responsibility of spreading the message every further." 

Everyone who attended our event were indeed witness, the work continues.